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Dephlagy ETF investments

Dear Dephlagy subscriber
Now by using Bybit mutual insurance for our internal positions, we started our ETF investment with at least 12%/Month Guaranteed profit for some of our users, all insurance costs and trading costs included and you can earn at least 12% monthly for your overall capital, now this model of investment available in USDT and BTC it means you can select Bitcoin or USD Tether as your investment base, monthly profit calculate by our trading statement each month and can not lower than 12%.
This is suitable for those who want to risk-free investment in this market.
For more information and subscribe to this new method emails to¬†[email protected]

Earn money

Some FAQ about Dephlagy Trading Bot

Make ūüíł money continuously from the Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency market every month without wasting your Time by Dephlagy Ai Trading Bot (30% – 140% every month) Dephlagy Monitor by expert traders 24×7, check Video of our users on our¬†Youtube channel.

1-Dephlagy is a Fully automated software?
– No, Dephlagy is an Ai trading bot that can calculate Vertical and Dynamic S/R lines, Fibo Levels and Also detect the best entry by R/R ratio to enter a position but market trend and waves monitor by our trading team 24×7

2- Dephlagy suitable for whom?
– Anyone, Dephlagy more suitable for whom have another job and also don’t have time for trading, or emotional peoples lost their money on the market and who wants 30%-140% (depend on the market situation) continuously income from the market.

3- Using Dephlagy is safe?
– By using Dephlagy you hold your capital in your exchange account, we don’t need to ask you your exchange credentials, Dephlagy only trade on your account by an API key with trading only permission you can provide from your exchange account.

4- Can I monitor trades?
– Yes, always you can see any open position on your exchange account and also can monitor your orders, also you can close the position manually, but this temporary disable bot and you need to ask our support to reenable.

5- How and what need to subscribe to bot?
РIf you want to buy our copy-trading bot subscription (1/3/6/12 Months) goto this link,

for any question please contact¬†[email protected]

¬†Promotion for¬†Bybit Exchange¬†Users 20% until the end of June with coupon code “bybitjune” for website orders (BTC payments) and for USDT users deduct from the overall amount.

More about Dephlagy Ai Trading bot =

Dephlagy Performance

Dephlagy May-June Performance chart

Dephlagy Performance


Dephlagy trading bot performance from 22 May

Delay does not stand-alone buy/sell bot Bot always monitor by our traders also Dephlagy doesn’t trade 24h usually 3 – 4 trades on the week.

Dephlagy get into positions for each account by checking latest Trades ROE and calculate Risk/Reward

Dephlagy suitable for who has another job and don’t want to waste time on charts also suitable for peoples have decided emotionally on trades and always loss

Check our user’s videos on our youtube channel

How to subscribe on Dephlagy

Dephlagy auto trading bot

Make Money While You Sleep? Welcome To The World Of Cryptocurrency Trading Ai Bots

When it comes to trading cryptocurrency, there are many obstacles for the average user ‚Äď the complexity of technical analysis, the skills involved in identifying trends, and, of course, the volatility of the market, meaning coins can soar or plummet in value overnight. But what if you could trade constantly, even in your sleep, making a steady profit every day, with minimal effort? Welcome to the world of crypto bots.

But is it too good to be true?

The word ‚Äėbot‚Äô might bring to mind Russian hackers and fake Twitter accounts but crypto bots are perfectly legal and fully supported, if not exactly encouraged, by major exchanges such as¬†Bittrex¬†and¬†Binance. Put simply, they are computer programs that remove the emotion from trading. They buy and sell your cryptocurrency for you, using algorithms to follow the trajectory of a coin, identifying when to buy and sell, and, in theory, allowing you to make small, round the clock profits. Used wisely, they are said to give an average profit of around 1-2% each day ‚Äď though risk-seeking traders have reported much more than this.

Dephlagy Also is an Ai trading bot mixed bot’s ability like ladder orders entry improvement and also automatic Fibonacci level trading automatic Support and resistance detection behind all of this automated features bot trades always 24/7 monitor by 5 traders to avoid wrong positions and also right midterm/longterm trend detection

How to subscribe in Dephlagy bot

Bitcoin Scam

Again Scammy bitcoin movement detection

As old traders know some times on market depend on high interest on Shorts or Longs some whales(exchanges) do pump and down movements to take huge profit in a day like last night movement depend on market way our bot on a short position for our customers and then bot detect low volume (near empty) pump on the market this moves results liquidation or stop loss hunting also if you use stop market your sell price will very different with your stop price some times 100 -200$ then bot disabled stop losses¬† and take position entry improvement strategy (place many sell orders on top of the entry and reduce on pullbacks below entry) this will make a small profit as a market maker on some exchanges like Bitmex and Bybit but improve entry perfectly but on some exchanges when pump or dump happen servers don’t respond for new orders then bot use Plan B and place high volume orders on Fibo levels by ensuring order placement ( around 20 requests/sec to place each order) anyway bot managed this position for our customers and on early morning UTC we have -300% ROE on our accounts but after 12 hours we was on 500%-800% ROE (depend on exchanges ) this trade done perfectly but too many market gamblers liquidet and rekt, Allways enter which amount of position that you can manage it if market goes wrong way. make money slowly but continuously every day/week/month.


Wrong Position

How Bot manages wrong positions

Wrong Position

It’s every time possible for persons or bots to guess the wrong way for the position if Dephlagy detects the wrong position try to avoid that position by several plans most of our plans is if market near Support or resistance bot will stop position on S/R break confirmation, but some times depend on indicators if bot detects fake move try to fill and release position several times on entry to get the best entry and wait to retracement and exit from the position in this plan users also earn small profit and filling and releasing position also make money as a maker in most of the exchanges like Bitmex and Bybit.
in this situation, the bot may send 50-100 order/sec to each account.
Also, bot take care with a final stop loss and don’t enter +5% of wallet balance to such trades

Our team works hard on developing new features for our bot but we have a plan to complete our new website with an end-user panel to control some features of the bot.
Also, our bot positions follow 1:3 – 1:10 R/R with an average 64% win rate (From Dec 2019)

Ai Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin Copy-trading bot April 2020 results

Dephlagy Ai Copy-trading bot May 2020 results

One of our Ai copy-trading bot users has recorded a video of bot trading results on his account and agreed to share it. From 30 April to 24 May his balance has grown from 1,0533 BTC to 1,8747 BTC, May is not over yet but profit is already = 0,8214 BTC or 77,98% for him.

If you want to buy our copy-trading bot goto this link, for any question please contact [email protected]


Earlier results:

April :

February and March :



No to gambling

Dephlagy Makes money Continuously it’s not a Gambling Bot

No to gambling

Our bot uses 5-20% of customer’s wallets to get into position and also bot cares about new users due to low ROE and doesn’t enter into high-risk trades for those users. (bot try to risk some amount of ROE before earned).
Dephlagy try to make money continually 3-5% (3-5% to total wallet balance)  every day for users and get into 3 or 4 good +40% trades in the month.
If you want to Gamble all you have in one trade don’t use Dephlagy for trading.

Dephlagy Performance

Dephlagy bot now process +1M order per day

Dephlagy now can process 200 orders for each API key at a second we now have +1500 users and supporting 14 exchange* this means Dephlagy place +300,000 orders in one second and now we reach over 1M daily orders placement (Dephlagy calculate and place orders usually 3 – 4 time a day)
All Fibonacci retracements and S/R* lines calculation processed in the multi time frame on Powerfull Google Cloud servers.
Dephlagy always trace Stoplosses by respecting Fibo and S/R lines
Our win rate is now 72% with 1:3 – 1:8 R/R*

Note: We have only 15 free slots for our new users/first order 10% promotion.
Guide to subscribe
The subscription period for all users starts from the first position by bot. (takes 24-48 hours to start trading)

Dephlagy Performance


*Supported Exchanges: Binance , Binance futures , Bitmex , Coinbase , Kucoin , Bybit , Bitfinex, Bittrex , Hitbtc , Kraken, Okex , upbit , Poloniex, Houbi , Bitstamp

*S/R: Support and Resistance lines

*R/R: Risk to Reward ratio

Dephlagy trading bot

Dephlagy Ai Bot predicts, Bitcoin Market do that

After BTC movement on 20 Mar, we decide to code a future for our Ai bot to detect and catch rides with a smart trailing stop, as you can see in our twitter account we announced this signal on our twitter account on 08 May and our bot perfectly manages this position until 8350 with 80% ROE by 5x all of our subscribers in midterm trading ( 3 Month+) caught this ride.
Here is the link to our tweet and proof of this trade, now we still bullish

We are trying to make our bot smarter every day.
To inform new users our bot cloud server (using google cloud servers) IP address for API keys is (not necessary on all exchanges).
Also, our bot positions follow 1:3 – 1:10 R/R with an average 64% win rate (From Dec 2019)
We will add FAQ page with some users questions and after hiring community manager we will start our discord and Telegram group.

Also, you can find other proof videos in our youtube channel


If you want to subscribe for our bot¬†goto this link, for any question please contact¬†[email protected]