Dephlagy trading bot

How to subscribe in Auto Trading Bot

1- Generate a Trading permission API key in your exchange* (IP for security reasons: )

2- place an order on our website if you want to pay by BTC and for USDT (ERC20) send subscription amount to 0xdd9a314AcA28A44eC99dBB6962a47b33c6112406 wallet address.

3- Email your API keys + order number (or USDT tx ID) to [email protected] .

4- Your account will activate in max 2 hours.

Temporary promotion [Limited for first 100 order (Only 5 Slots Left /25 May)] : 10% for new users in the first order by “8U436AYJ” coupon code or deduct from subscription fee in paying by USDT (Valid for all plans 1 month/3Month/6month/1 year)

Supported exchanges: Binance , Binance futures , Bitmex , Coinbase , Kucoin , Bybit , Bitfinex, Bittrex , Hitbtc , Kraken, Okex , upbit , Poloniex, Houbi , Bitstamp

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