Dephlagy trading bot

Dephlagy Ai Bot predicts, Bitcoin Market do that

After BTC movement on 20 Mar, we decide to code a future for our Ai bot to detect and catch rides with a smart trailing stop, as you can see in our twitter account we announced this signal on our twitter account on 08 May and our bot perfectly manages this position until 8350 with 80% ROE by 5x all of our subscribers in midterm trading ( 3 Month+) caught this ride.
Here is the link to our tweet and proof of this trade, now we still bullish

We are trying to make our bot smarter every day.
To inform new users our bot cloud server (using google cloud servers) IP address for API keys is (not necessary on all exchanges).
Also, our bot positions follow 1:3 – 1:10 R/R with an average 64% win rate (From Dec 2019)
We will add FAQ page with some users questions and after hiring community manager we will start our discord and Telegram group.

Also, you can find other proof videos in our youtube channel


If you want to subscribe for our bot goto this link, for any question please contact [email protected]



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