Dephlagy Performance

Dephlagy bot now process +1M order per day

Dephlagy now can process 200 orders for each API key at a second we now have +1500 users and supporting 14 exchange* this means Dephlagy place +300,000 orders in one second and now we reach over 1M daily orders placement (Dephlagy calculate and place orders usually 3 – 4 time a day)
All Fibonacci retracements and S/R* lines calculation processed in the multi time frame on Powerfull Google Cloud servers.
Dephlagy always trace Stoplosses by respecting Fibo and S/R lines
Our win rate is now 72% with 1:3 – 1:8 R/R*

Note: We have only 15 free slots for our new users/first order 10% promotion.
Guide to subscribe
The subscription period for all users starts from the first position by bot. (takes 24-48 hours to start trading)

Dephlagy Performance


*Supported Exchanges: Binance , Binance futures , Bitmex , Coinbase , Kucoin , Bybit , Bitfinex, Bittrex , Hitbtc , Kraken, Okex , upbit , Poloniex, Houbi , Bitstamp

*S/R: Support and Resistance lines

*R/R: Risk to Reward ratio

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