Wrong Position

How Bot manages wrong positions

Wrong Position

It’s every time possible for persons or bots to guess the wrong way for the position if Dephlagy detects the wrong position try to avoid that position by several plans most of our plans is if market near Support or resistance bot will stop position on S/R break confirmation, but some times depend on indicators if bot detects fake move try to fill and release position several times on entry to get the best entry and wait to retracement and exit from the position in this plan users also earn small profit and filling and releasing position also make money as a maker in most of the exchanges like Bitmex and Bybit.
in this situation, the bot may send 50-100 order/sec to each account.
Also, bot take care with a final stop loss and don’t enter +5% of wallet balance to such trades

Our team works hard on developing new features for our bot but we have a plan to complete our new website with an end-user panel to control some features of the bot.
Also, our bot positions follow 1:3 – 1:10 R/R with an average 64% win rate (From Dec 2019)

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