Bitcoin Scam

Again Scammy bitcoin movement detection

As old traders know some times on market depend on high interest on Shorts or Longs some whales(exchanges) do pump and down movements to take huge profit in a day like last night movement depend on market way our bot on a short position for our customers and then bot detect low volume (near empty) pump on the market this moves results liquidation or stop loss hunting also if you use stop market your sell price will very different with your stop price some times 100 -200$ then bot disabled stop lossesĀ  and take position entry improvement strategy (place many sell orders on top of the entry and reduce on pullbacks below entry) this will make a small profit as a market maker on some exchanges like Bitmex and Bybit but improve entry perfectly but on some exchanges when pump or dump happen servers don’t respond for new orders then bot use Plan B and place high volume orders on Fibo levels by ensuring order placement ( around 20 requests/sec to place each order) anyway bot managed this position for our customers and on early morning UTC we have -300% ROE on our accounts but after 12 hours we was on 500%-800% ROE (depend on exchanges ) this trade done perfectly but too many market gamblers liquidet and rekt, Allways enter which amount of position that you can manage it if market goes wrong way. make money slowly but continuously every day/week/month.


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