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Some FAQ about Dephlagy Trading Bot

Make đź’¸ money continuously from the Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency market every month without wasting your Time by Dephlagy Ai Trading Bot (30% – 140% every month) Dephlagy Monitor by expert traders 24×7, check Video of our users on our Youtube channel.

1-Dephlagy is a Fully automated software?
– No, Dephlagy is an Ai trading bot that can calculate Vertical and Dynamic S/R lines, Fibo Levels and Also detect the best entry by R/R ratio to enter a position but market trend and waves monitor by our trading team 24×7

2- Dephlagy suitable for whom?
– Anyone, Dephlagy more suitable for whom have another job and also don’t have time for trading, or emotional peoples lost their money on the market and who wants 30%-140% (depend on the market situation) continuously income from the market.

3- Using Dephlagy is safe?
– By using Dephlagy you hold your capital in your exchange account, we don’t need to ask you your exchange credentials, Dephlagy only trade on your account by an API key with trading only permission you can provide from your exchange account.

4- Can I monitor trades?
– Yes, always you can see any open position on your exchange account and also can monitor your orders, also you can close the position manually, but this temporary disable bot and you need to ask our support to reenable.

5- How and what need to subscribe to bot?
– If you want to buy our copy-trading bot subscription (1/3/6/12 Months) goto this link,

for any question please contact [email protected]

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More about Dephlagy Ai Trading bot = https://dephlagy.com

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