Wrong Position

How Bot manages wrong positions

Wrong Position

It’s every time possible for persons or bots to guess the wrong way for the position if Dephlagy detects the wrong position try to avoid that position by several plans most of our plans is if market near Support or resistance bot will stop position on S/R break confirmation, but some times depend on indicators if bot detects fake move try to fill and release position several times on entry to get the best entry and wait to retracement and exit from the position in this plan users also earn small profit and filling and releasing position also make money as a maker in most of the exchanges like Bitmex and Bybit.
in this situation, the bot may send 50-100 order/sec to each account.
Also, bot take care with a final stop loss and don’t enter +5% of wallet balance to such trades

Our team works hard on developing new features for our bot but we have a plan to complete our new website with an end-user panel to control some features of the bot.
Also, our bot positions follow 1:3 – 1:10 R/R with an average 64% win rate (From Dec 2019)

No to gambling

Dephlagy Makes money Continuously it’s not a Gambling Bot

No to gambling

Our bot uses 5-20% of customer’s wallets to get into position and also bot cares about new users due to low ROE and doesn’t enter into high-risk trades for those users. (bot try to risk some amount of ROE before earned).
Dephlagy try to make money continually 3-5% (3-5% to total wallet balance)  every day for users and get into 3 or 4 good +40% trades in the month.
If you want to Gamble all you have in one trade don’t use Dephlagy for trading.

Dephlagy Performance

Dephlagy bot now process +1M order per day

Dephlagy now can process 200 orders for each API key at a second we now have +1500 users and supporting 14 exchange* this means Dephlagy place +300,000 orders in one second and now we reach over 1M daily orders placement (Dephlagy calculate and place orders usually 3 – 4 time a day)
All Fibonacci retracements and S/R* lines calculation processed in the multi time frame on Powerfull Google Cloud servers.
Dephlagy always trace Stoplosses by respecting Fibo and S/R lines
Our win rate is now 72% with 1:3 – 1:8 R/R*

Note: We have only 15 free slots for our new users/first order 10% promotion.
Guide to subscribe
The subscription period for all users starts from the first position by bot. (takes 24-48 hours to start trading)

Dephlagy Performance


*Supported Exchanges: Binance , Binance futures , Bitmex , Coinbase , Kucoin , Bybit , Bitfinex, Bittrex , Hitbtc , Kraken, Okex , upbit , Poloniex, Houbi , Bitstamp

*S/R: Support and Resistance lines

*R/R: Risk to Reward ratio

Dephlagy trading bot

Dephlagy Ai Bot predicts, Bitcoin Market do that

After BTC movement on 20 Mar, we decide to code a future for our Ai bot to detect and catch rides with a smart trailing stop, as you can see in our twitter account we announced this signal on our twitter account on 08 May and our bot perfectly manages this position until 8350 with 80% ROE by 5x all of our subscribers in midterm trading ( 3 Month+) caught this ride.
Here is the link to our tweet and proof of this trade, now we still bullish

We are trying to make our bot smarter every day.
To inform new users our bot cloud server (using google cloud servers) IP address for API keys is (not necessary on all exchanges).
Also, our bot positions follow 1:3 – 1:10 R/R with an average 64% win rate (From Dec 2019)
We will add FAQ page with some users questions and after hiring community manager we will start our discord and Telegram group.

Also, you can find other proof videos in our youtube channel


If you want to subscribe for our bot goto this link, for any question please contact [email protected]



Dephlagy trading bot

How to subscribe in Auto Trading Bot

1- Generate a Trading permission API key in your exchange* (IP for security reasons: )

2- place an order on our website if you want to pay by BTC and for USDT (ERC20) send subscription amount to 0xdd9a314AcA28A44eC99dBB6962a47b33c6112406 wallet address.

3- Email your API keys + order number (or USDT tx ID) to [email protected] .

4- Your account will activate in max 2 hours.

Temporary promotion [Limited for first 100 order (Only 5 Slots Left /25 May)] : 10% for new users in the first order by “8U436AYJ” coupon code or deduct from subscription fee in paying by USDT (Valid for all plans 1 month/3Month/6month/1 year)

Supported exchanges: Binance , Binance futures , Bitmex , Coinbase , Kucoin , Bybit , Bitfinex, Bittrex , Hitbtc , Kraken, Okex , upbit , Poloniex, Houbi , Bitstamp

Earlier results:

April :  https://dephlagy.com/2020/05/05/ai-cryptocurrency-and-bitcoin-copy-trading-bot-april-2020-results/

February and March : https://dephlagy.com/2020/05/05/cryptocurrency-copy-trading-bot-february-and-march-2020-results/

January: https://dephlagy.com/2020/02/04/copy-trading-bot-january-2020-results/
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Dephlagy Auto Trading Bot Explain

We are showing quite good trading results and some people have doubts about it. So let us give you important explanations about our bot, its statistics, and our work on this website.

As we know all signals services are posting their statistics as just a screenshot with signals results, and these screens actually prove nothing since its very easy to edit them, so you can never trust any signals provider.
That’s, why we have decided to post statistics of our bot as a video of trading results on the exchange, to let everyone see real trading results, not just a screenshot with painted profit like others, are doing.
Also which is even more important, video is a much stronger proof of work because you can easily check with different programs if the video was edited or not, and make sure that it’s a real record.
You will not find any other signals providers that let you see a video of real trading results.

If you want to buy our copy-trading bot goto this link, for any question please contact [email protected]

Dephlagy AI trading bot

AI Strategy Copy Bot


We are glad to announce to you our copy-trading bot.
What is a copy-trading bot? It’s a simple bot that copies all trades of our Bitmex and Binance traders to your account. We have tested bot for a few months already and it works perfectly with all exchanges so we can now release this bot.

Why this bot is so great and why we made it?
We are all here to make a profit from trading crypto, but most people don’t have a few years to learn trading to become professionals. And most people don’t have time to trade 18/24 hours a day. People are missing some signals because at the time when we post signals they were sleeping, working, or just busy. Bot solves this problem, with this bot you will never miss profit opportunity. More than that bot is, of course, more profitable than just signals because our traders are doing a lot of other trades that we cant share in the signal because price moves to fast at that moment, also we are using another trading system to open positions and take profit. This all makes bot more profitable than signals.

Apart from the great profit that our traders generating via this bot, of course, bot also saves your time (and nerves😅). While the bot is trading you can spend time on more important things. We are trading to live but not to stay at PC 24/7.


– The bot works with all exchanges via API keys. You can use it on any BTC exchange (not necessary on Bitmex), like Bitstamp/Finex, Kraken, Derebit/Bybit. For copying altcoins trades Binance doesn’t necessary as well, the bot can copy altcoins trades to any exchange if exchange supports this altcoin pair
– We are holding the bot on our server so you just need to send us your API keys and we will set up the bot to copy trades on your account. But if you want to hold bot on your server we can send the bot to you
– The bot has an option to set your own capital risk or to copy our capital risk


If you want to buy our copy-trading bot goto this link, for any question please contact [email protected]