Dephlagy Performance

Dephlagy bot now process +1M order per day

Dephlagy now can process 200 orders for each API key at a second we now have +1500 users and supporting 14 exchange* this means Dephlagy place +300,000 orders in one second and now we reach over 1M daily orders placement (Dephlagy calculate and place orders usually 3 – 4 time a day)
All Fibonacci retracements and S/R* lines calculation processed in the multi time frame on Powerfull Google Cloud servers.
Dephlagy always trace Stoplosses by respecting Fibo and S/R lines
Our win rate is now 72% with 1:3 – 1:8 R/R*

Note: We have only 15 free slots for our new users/first order 10% promotion.
Guide to subscribe
The subscription period for all users starts from the first position by bot. (takes 24-48 hours to start trading)

Dephlagy Performance


*Supported Exchanges: Binance , Binance futures , Bitmex , Coinbase , Kucoin , Bybit , Bitfinex, Bittrex , Hitbtc , Kraken, Okex , upbit , Poloniex, Houbi , Bitstamp

*S/R: Support and Resistance lines

*R/R: Risk to Reward ratio

AI trading Bot

Cryptocurrency Market is going down and we are making profit on it.

AI trading Bot

The screenshot above is is an example of current copy-trading bot users Bitmex portfolio, its screenshot of one of our bot users. As you can see we are full of shorts.

We have started selling our copy-trading bot subscriptions 10 days ago and 1st positions for bot users were opened 9 days ago. That was Bitcoin short opened at 7500 zone. Later we added Ethereum short and also tiny Cardano/ADA short.

If you want to buy our copy-trading bot goto this link, for any question please contact [email protected]